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Welcome to Sabghi Jewelers
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Founded in 1982 in Fayetteville, Tennessee by David Sabghi. Sabghi Jewelers has a rich heritage filled with celebrated events and milestones that live on today.

David Sabghi's passion for diamond jewelry began early on in high school as he worked in his grandfather's jewelry store. David started out repairing jewelry and over time his passion for jewelry has flourished.

He opened his first store in Park City, Tennessee under the name of D&D Wholesale Jewelers. In 1985 he moved to a new location in Fayetteville, Tennessee, where he changed the name to Sabghi's Jewelry Inc.

He married in 1988 and now has two daughters. His wife, Nasrin Sabghi, joined the business in 2001. In 1989 David opened a second jewelry store in Huntsville, Alabama, and his brother-in-law, Kamran Salehy, joined the team.
Today, Sabghi's Jewelry has two locations: one in Huntsville, Alabama and the other is in Fayetteville, Tennessee.

The Core values embodied by every Sabghi's team member are:

1. Exceed customer expectation by treating every customer as
an honored guest.

2. offer top quality products at fair and competitive prices.

3. Encourage involvement in the Community and continuously build relationships with local Charities.